Jean Moore Executive Director

View More: The Michael Finley Foundation was established in 2003 thanks to Michael's generosity. His longing to give back to his community and help children, led him to start his  journey into philanthropy. 
Every city has a population that needs help at some point.  Michael leads a team who wants to support children and their families.  A decade later, our team, board, and volunteers, dreams big and toil hard towards achieving our vision.
We are re-introducing ourselves to North Texas and look forward to working with our constituencies to support the future for all children.  Growth will be swift and steady.  We will continue to broaden our network of caring individuals all working for the greater good.  And...our mission is dedicated to inspire, develop, and enhance skills in youth and their families.  The ultimate goal is to instill confidence, enabling them to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.
As we move boldly into the future, we will dedicate our goals to the future leaders of America.
Thanks for visiting us! Jean Moore, Executive Director The Michael Finley Foundation

Meet Our Foundation Team

Rebekah Finley
Vice President Community Affairs/
Volunteer Services

A native Texan,  Rebekah Finley believes in giving back to the Texas community.  While attending the University of Texas at Dallas, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. initiated her passion for volunteer work.  Rebekah graduated with a degree in Business Management. Her college experiences, combined with working full time, taught her the art of mastering time management. 

Rebekah’s desire to help others led her devotion of time to North Texas Food Bank, Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School, and other community service projects.  Rebekah enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her husband and children. However, her strong belief in health and fitness, motivated Rebekah to become a certificated personal trainer.  Rebekah is a certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer.

Rebekah’s strong interest in health and education moved her in the direction of dedicating her time to The Michael Finley Foundation (TMFF).  Her expressed desire is to transfer the vision for TMFF into a reality; not only for for its founding members, but for children everywhere.

Venera Flores-Stafford
Chief Financial Officer

Venera Flores-Stafford, Chief Financial Officer

Born and raised in El Paso, Venera Flores-Stafford attended the University of Dallas where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1995.  She also earned  a Master’s in Business Administration in 1998, and a Master's in Sports Management in 2003.  Venera is a Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Business Operations at Midwestern State University. 


Venera Flores-Stafford has spent her career in higher education, and predominantly through her work as a collegiate volleyball coach,  touched the many lives of young women. As an instructor in the department of exercise physiology and athletic training; she reached the general student population through teaching nutrition and coaching volleyball.


Flores-Stafford actively engaged in community service in the Wichita Falls area. She developed a passion for teaching young children the importance of education as well as health and wellness. Some of her most cherished projects were Dig for the Cure Fundraising Events, Wichita Falls Food Bank, and the Boys and Girls Club of Wichita Falls. Venera was a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) community. She served on the NCAA Leadership Institute for Minority Females, the NCAA’s Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee, and the NCAA Division II National Volleyball Advisory Committee.


Flores-Stafford has transitioned to parks and recreation at the City of Arlington.  In this role, she will expand her contact with the community as the leader of the aquatics, recreation, athletic, and field maintenance teams.  She is excited about this new opportunity and looks forward to engaging with the Arlington Community.   


Venera's personal experiences at the NCAA and university levels led her to work with The Michael Finley Foundation (TMFF) to pursue her philanthropic goals. This opportunity to work with TMFF opened doors to work with young children, nutrition, and developmental sports. TMFF presents Venera the opportunity to share the importance and the values of sports.



Stephanie Buckner
Director of High School Programming


For the past 20 years, Stephanie Buckner has worked in the field of education. She began as a teacher of students with special needs, and during her 8 years as a classroom teacher amassed a great deal of experience in accommodating a variety of student limitations. Stephanie became interested in serving the needs of students and their families beyond the classroom setting. This led her to pursue her Master’s degree, which she earned at Texas Woman’s University in Counseling. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology.


As an employee and parent of students in her local school district, Stephanie has participated in a number of volunteer and community enhancing activities over the years. Among her favorite things to do are to read, write poems and short stories, and spend time with her family. Stephanie brings a tremendous amount of expertise in working with at risk student populations, and is passionate about helping kids maximize their education and talents to achieve future success.